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          ABOUT MINGYU

                GUANGDONG MINGYU TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK CO.,LTD. is applied in design, development, manufacture and sale of daily used and hotelware porcelain factory. MINGYU steady, enterprising and creative. Pass throught more than 20 years development. We got the more trust and good appraise from customers of foreign and domestic.
               MINGYU owns a 35000 square metre production room, porcelain clay and glazing factory with auto glazing line. The products surface glazing is brightness and equational by firing 85 metres high temperature tunnel kilns. MINGYU series are suitable for dresser and microwave ovens and are initial selection for hotel, restaurants and households.
               The products have been pased USA CCIB certificate and got the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard certificate.
               MINGYU warmly welcome to cooperate and create goodlines future with customers from foreign and domestic..
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